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Prayer advices

These are the 'Something to thing and pray about this week' reflections which are offered on the homepage of the site. A new prayer advice is published weekly on a Sunday when the content is available in the system. The English reflections for each week are available in the system, or in the Documents section for download. 

Localising Sacred Space

In the system each item has a single node, with all translations attached to that node directly. This means that a listing of content will show a single item just once, not multiple times, once per language.

The system has 'Translate Interface' functionality which means that you can access some translations in place. The edit interface can be accessed by hovering over the menu or block content, and the cogwheel with a translate link will appear.

You can translate content in a number of ways. The main ways are

Welcome to SSM3.0

This is the Sacred Space Manager 3.0 Community page which contains the information and links that you will need to maintain and control your Sacred Space site. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to use the system please contact the Sacred Space office using the options at the bottom of the page.


The texts that are in use on Sacred Space are available for download - usually in Word format. They are used in working offline and may in time be replaced by texts made available directly through the system.

Pozivamo te


Pozivamo te da svakodnevno u svome danu uđeš u ovaj Prostor Duha,
i provedeš deset minuta u molitvi ovdje i sada - dok sjediš za svojim računalom,
uz pomoć vodstva na zaslonu i tekstova iz Svetog pisma posebno izabranih za svaki


stranicu uređuju isusovci i suradnici laici s ciljem promocije ignacijevske duhovnosti